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"Nobody Told Us" ©Hinckley and District Museum

As part of its continuing commitment to the commemoration of the period 1914 – 1918, Hinckley and District Museum is publishing the research notes of Museum member Greg Drozdz, outlining the background to the names on Hinckley War Memorial.

The notes represent 25 years research, as old archives were searched and new archives became available. A range of sources has been used from publically available material to details about family background provided by surviving descendants. Where possible photographs of the casualties have been gathered to add human interest to the stark facts about the casualties.

The overwhelming emotion pervading all the material is of the burden of grief felt by family, friends and colleagues and yes, the wider community. The title of the work is from an overheard conversation with a well-known historian of the First World War, John Terraine. In response to a question about what had sparked his interest in the Great War his simple answer was "nobody told us".

Permission to use material from this archive must be sought from Hinckley and District Museum via the contact address on the website. If relatives of the Fallen would like to contact the Museum with any further information or material, the Museum would be delighted to speak to them.

This work is in effect a war memorial of its own. Please respect this.

Greg Drozdz

April 2016.

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